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A World Economy in Harmony

A thriving world economy must manage human process, machine process, and paper documentation 

SLC-Verified Programmable Money

SLC KYC & KYT is interoperable with On Premise, Cloud, and On-Chain / Off-Chain Data

Private Credit Lending has emerged as a top choice for investors across private credit, corporate lending, real estate, energy, and consumer finance. Investor interest is soaring, with a surge in new funds being announced daily.

Enter SLC Platform

We're revolutionizing the industry by modernizing outdated systems with cutting-edge smart legal contracts on-chain. SLC utilizes internal bank ledger systems to tokenize deposits. Our platform streamlines financial and legal processes, ensuring automation, transparency, trust and security.

KYC (Know-Your-Customer) has to move far beyond existing vulnerable cloud-based ID verification, in order to effectively access risk for the lender. Mobile Network / SIM Identification provides “RF Fingerprints” to create a breakthrough KYC solution for literally anyone using a mobile phone. Exclusively offered by SLC.

Focused initially on private credit, our platform offers banks and private capital lenders a solution for credit assessment, tokenized deposits, programmable payments, and streamlined loan servicing—all powered by on-chain mobile network and cloud technologies.

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